Marine natural products represent an almost unlimited source for the identification of novel molecules with antiinflammatory, antihypertensive, and anti-tumorigenesis properties, possibly useful in the treatment or prevention of new anticancer drugs.

This Special Issue offers a review of our current understanding of the signaling pathways regulating cell death and highlights marine natural products that can affect these signaling pathways, with special interest in the “Connection of Marine Natural Products and Cell Apoptosis”. The putative molecular mechanisms of these extracts will be studied with special emphasis to metabolic alterations that contribute to the proliferation and
aggressiveness of the tumor. As Guest Editors, we cordially invite you to contribute to this Special Issue by submitting original research articles, long and mini review papers, short notes, and opinions according to your expertise.

Guest Editors:

Prof. María Herranz-López
Universidad Miguel Hernandez
de Elche, Elche, Spain

Dr. Enrique Barrajon
Instituto de Biología Molecular y
Celular, Universidad Miguel
Hernández de Elche, Edificio
Torregaitán. 03202. Elche,
Alicante. Spain

Prof. Dr. Vicente Micol
Universidad Miguel Hernandez
de Elche, Elche, Spain

Deadline for manuscript submissions:
31 December 2020